About Cooking With Sunshine

About Cooking With Sunshine

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the tastes that Mama and Papa made – whether you are a cooking parent, or the child of a cooking parent or parents.

Our Work

We work with our partners to showcase the legacy of food from generation to generation. We provide instruction in the culinary arts and help launch the careers of inspired Chefs.

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Our Favorite Tools

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Many of the dishes and or utensils used with recipes in this publication are Tupperware branded products. If you do not have a Tupperware representative, please support my independent business at my.tupperware.com/shenicagraham. You can also join my Tupperware Team and my Facebook Group.

Our Publisher

GSyndicates Publishing, a division of GSyndicates Enterprises, publishes Cooking With Sunshine and GSyndicates Magazine.

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Shenica R. Graham

Greetings. My name is Shenica Graham. I am the Founder / President / CEO of GSyndicates Enterprises, and writer / publisher of Cooking With Sunshine. From a legacy of entrepreneurs, it is with tremendous gladness that I welcome you to our family cookbook!

Named for my own mother, Deborah (aka Sunshine), this site is a hybrid print / online interactive cookbook that showcases new recipes and honors family food legacy passed through generations.

Our Legacy

Deborah “Sunshine” Morris
Supply Sargent Deborah “Sunshine”

In the process of life, Sunshine married Mr. Robert H. Morris, a prayer warrior, Grill Master, and knowledgeable herbalist. They became parents to seven children and developed memorable recipes from their mothers and fathers and by their own experience.

Good Morning Sunshine!

Mrs. Deborah “Sunshine” Morris is the inspiration for Cooking With Sunshine.

Her nickname comes from over 60 years of strong womanhood and a generation of loving motherhood that brought sunshine to her children’s lives. Her eldest daughter adopted the greeting, “Good morning Sunshine.” The name persisted through rough times as Deborah fought for her family.

Robert “Papaw” Morris

Cooking With Sunshine is a tribute developed by Sunshine’s eldest daughter to preserve a great legacy of service, taste and love.

Elder Cary D. Graham
(Sunrise: March 24, 1951 ~ Sunset: March 4, 2019

The memory of Shenica’s birth father – Marine Corps MP and later influential self-development trainer, Cary Graham, continues to influence her creative vision and lexicographical genius, and inspires her tastes with nature’s whole foods.

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Our Story

Cooking With Sunshine Editor, Shenica R. Graham never really learned to cook until she had a child of her own, and then only the basics. Her mother (aka Sunshine) however, is a Master Chef in her own right.
Shenica wanted to share her wonderful dishes and preserve her family’s food legacy. She started collecting recipes from her rich heritage and a few that she created. Naturally, the cookbook is growing like a family tree.
Shenica realized that many people have the same #foodlove that she does, with recipes passed through generations. Cooking With Sunshine is the culmination of a dream to publish a cookbook that is uniquely hers and her family’s own and also creatively yours!

Featured Recipe

This Super Bagel Sandwich is the #Breakfwich of Champions
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel loaded with summer sausage, eggs, and cheese
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Chapter 1 – Raw Foods
«« Clean Fuel Trail Mix
«« Fresh Fruit Smoothie
«« Sweet Whole Oats

The free, blog-version of this publication does not include all content in the e-book or print edition.

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