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About Cooking With Sunshine

Cooking With Sunshine is a hybrid print / online interactive cookbook that showcases new recipes and honors family food legacy.
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Featured Recipe

Super Bagel Sandwich

Artisan: Shenica

#Breakfwich of Champions
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel loaded with summer sausage, eggs, and cheese

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Many of the dishes and or utensils used with recipes in this publication are Tupperware branded products. If you do not have a Tupperware representative, please support my independent business at You can also join my Tupperware Team and my Facebook Group.

Cook With Us!

Welcome Chef:

When you bring a strong legacy of cooking from the heart to the table, you have a passion for inspired taste. You may recall the savory dishes that you grew up with or discovered and now share with your family. That is what Cooking With Sunshine (my mother) is all about.

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Whether you have perfected a few recipes, a single best kept taste secret, or a full treasure box of edible ideas, I would like to offer you an opportunity.

Become a Guest Chef

Cook With Sunshine! Submit your recipes to get featured at our website, in our social network, and in the print edition of our anthology cookbook, “Cooking With Sunshine.”

The best Guest Chefs discovered here will be featured in our virtual reality cooking show starring “Sunshine”, cooking all the favorites that I remember Mama made. Looking for more? Keep reading…

Launch a brand of your own!

Partner with GSyndicates™ Media (our designer) and GSyndicates Publishing (our publisher) to showcase your food legacy and help you tell your story. We will design, write, publish, and market your brand, logo, labels, cookbook, chef profile, press kit, website, videos, packaging, and branded products such as cookware, utensils, aprons, t-shirts, and other cooking, kitchen, and grilling relevant merchandise.

Imagine your own brand: Chef YOU – because when people taste your dishes, they will not want to eat anywhere else. We will make your brand easy to remember and drive your market growth.

You will not incur charges for the initial work to launch your brand. We will only receive a commission when you receive profits from our work. That’s right! You never pay a cent upfront for brand development. And we will donate 10% of our commission to a non-profit organization.

Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation. We look forward to working with you.

Founder / President / CEO
GSyndicates Enterprises

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Raw Foods
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«« Fresh Fruit Smoothie
«« Sweet Whole Oats

The free, blog-version of this publication does not include all content in the e-book or print edition.

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