Good Morning Sunshine!

Supply Sargent Deborah “Sunshine”

Cooking With Sunshine is a hybrid print / online interactive cookbook that showcases new recipes and honors family #foodlegacy.
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Our Publisher

GSyndicates Publishing, a division of GSyndicates Enterprises, publishes Cooking With Sunshine and GSyndicates Magazine.

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Starring Chefs

Deborah “Sunshine” Morris
US Army Veteran / Independent Tupperware Manager / Food Artisan
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Elder Zebedee “Chef Z” Bell, Sr.
Pastor, Unity Temple Church of God In Christ
/ Chef de Cuisine

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Shenica “Chef Mati-Graham”
Fashion & Media Designer / Writer / Publisher
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Cooking With Sunshine

Tastes Like Mama Made: An Anthology of Family Recipes and #FoodLegacy

Edited by Shenica R. Graham
Paperback: 11″ X 17″

This publication is scheduled for release May 2022. « Preview

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Guest Chefs

This Could Be You!
Chef de Cuisine
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We are adding new recipes and featuring more Guest Chefs. Are you cooking up a legacy? Submit your recipe(s) for our family heritage cookbook. Help launch the first printing by pre-ordering your copy today! « Cook with us

Our Favorite Tools

Many of the dishes and or utensils used with recipes in this publication are Tupperware branded products. Buy your Stack Cooker and more from Sunshine! She is an Independent Tupperware Manager at You can also join her team or mine. Love Tupperware? Join our Facebook Group.

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Featured Recipe

Our Super Bagel Sandwich is the #Breakfwich of Champions
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel loaded with summer sausage, eggs, and cheese
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Chapter 1 – Raw Foods
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«« Fresh Fruit Smoothie
«« Sweet Whole Oats

The free, blog-version of this publication does not include all content in the e-book or print edition.

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