“Tastes like Mama and Papa made.”

Discover new menus and honor family food legacy with recipes passed down through generations.

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Welcome to Cooking With Sunshine!

Chef Deborah, aka Sunshine has teamed up with GSyndicates™ Media to produce one of the most exciting #estaurants on the planet.

Cooking With Sunshine is a hybrid print / online interactive cookbook that showcases new recipes and honors family food legacy with recipes passed down through generations.

We offer everything you need to launch your cuisine from teaspoon to table. Our specialty is delicious menus and creative, tasty treats you can enjoy at home and anywhere.

Habla #Foodish?

What’s the hash(#)? Learn the Cooking With Sunshine (CWS) lingo as you browse our recipes with tags from the CWS Urban Food Dictionary – inspired by the Official Fashion For-Word Lexicon written by GSyndicates Founder / President / CEO, Shenica R. Graham.

Gourmet Fan Favorites

Super Bagel Sandwich

Artisan: Shenica
Deal: $9.25

#Breakfwich of Champions
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel loaded with summer sausage, eggs, and cheese

CWS #Cheesyagna

Artisan: Shenica
Deal: $14.95

It’s not lasagna, it’s #Cheesyagna!
Pasta loaded with savory tomato sauce, lean ground beef, cheddar, and mozzarella

Almond Berry #Spinwheels

Artisan: Shenica
Deal: $19.99

Salmon steaks stuffed with spinach and topped with braised almonds, cherries, and raisins coupled with cherry tomatoes.

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Our Star Chefs

Deborah “Chef Sunshine” Morris
Independent Tupperware Manager / Food Artisan
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Elder Zebedee “Chef Z” Bell, Sr.
Pastor, Unity Temple Church of God In Christ
/ Chef de Cuisine
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Shenica “Chef Mati” Graham
Fashion & Media Designer / Writer / Publisher
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